Advertise with the Largest Radio Audience in Northern NM

KDCE is dedicated to dominating the air waves in Santa Fe. The company recently purchased a radio tower in the heart of Santa Fe, a market it has controlled for years. KDCE is steadily growing its audience and increasing its market share. It still remains as the most affordable advertising medium in the Santa Fe area. Reach thousands of people daily and use our professional advertising tools to grow your business. KDCE is locally owned and operated for the last 40 years. We know what it takes to build a relationship with our audience to increase traffic to your business. 

 Reach More than 150,000 People Daily


KDCE & KYBR Radio serves the largest loyal listening audience in Northern New Mexico.

  • Over 50 years of building brand awareness, increasing revenue, and increasing customer traffic.

  • Most affordable advertising medium in New Mexico. 

  • Listeners average age is 38.

  • Increased traffic during sporting events. 

  • Largest audience in Northern NM.

  • Locally owned and operated