Tomas Garcia, AKA Tomas-No-Mas, is a bilingual radio announcer on KDCE radio. He became well known through his unique sense of humor on the radio and his involvement in the community.  


Tomas won the Mark Ipiotis music award and has had the honor of been nominated several other times. He was recognized in 2012 by the Rio Arriba County DWI program for his outstanding work in promoting a safer and more responsible drinking campaign.


Tomas was recognized by the YMCA teen center in 2010-2012 for his benevolent contributions. Tomas also served as a volunteer with "Northern New Mexico Family and Youth against Drugs” from 2010-2012.


In 2011, Tomas was honored to portray Don Juan De Oñate for the Espanola Fiestas. According to Thomas, the whole experience and portrayal of Don Juan De Onate was a blast except for riding that frisky horse down Main Street of Espanola.  


Tomas is currently a volunteer member with the New Mexico Hispano Music Association. Thomas has been a member since 2003. In addition, Thomas has served twice as Master of Ceremonies and has been a musical judge for the past 10 years.


Tomas has also served as Master of Ceremonies and Ring Announcer for several Professional Boxing matches.


Tomas is a member of the Knights Columbus.


Through Tomas’ professional radio and announcer career, he has had the great honor of interviewing presidential candidates, heads of state, musicians and a number of famous movie stars. 


As part of Tomas’ professional experience he is humbled and grateful that he’s had the opportunity to travel and live in other countries like Guatemala, Brazil, Germany, Belize, Mexico and Czech Republic. Through his abroad experience he’s learned about different cultures and customs. Most importantly, Tomas acquired knowledge of other popular music genres which has given him a very broad and respectable knowledge of music.


Catch the Tomas-No-Mas Show Monday-Friday 6:00am till 10:00am.

Mariachi Mike has been a radio disc jockey at KDCE radio in Espanola, New Mexico since April 2013. He hosts the “Mariachi Mike Show” live Monday thru Thursday. The Mariachi Mike Show features the best of current and legendary Mariachi music, as well as local and Latin American music.


Mariachi Mike has been a successful Mariachi musician since 1999. He currently plays guitar for Mariachi Fiesta in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has also played several Santa Fe Fiestas and performed with Santa Fe legend Genoveva Chavez, also performing a Mariachi mass at the Santa Fe Cathedral for the installation and celebration of Archbishop Michael Sheehan in September 1993. Mariachi Mike has attended and participated in several annual Albuquerque Mariachi Conferences and was able to study under legendary Jesus Hernandez of Mariachi Sol de Mexico. He has also performed at the Spanish Village Hispana during several New Mexico State Fairs. His mariachi group was also featured in the music video Mi Vida Loca with country music star Pam Tillis that still airs on the CMT channel.


Tune into KDCE radio at 950am and 100.7fm or stream us live thru the internet at kdceradio.com for your listening pleasure.



Richard Garcia, professionally known as “RG” is recognized as one of the most widely respected and familiar voices in Northern New Mexico.  RG hosts one of the most popular shows on radio the “RG Country Show” which airs every Saturday morning from 6:00am until 10:30am. RG is also a popular play-by-play sports announcer who was named by NMBA as one of the most accomplished sports announcers in New Mexico’s history.


 RG’s love and passion for radio began in 1959 calling sports games with accomplished sports announcer and owner of 1260 KVSF Ivan Head.  During late hours of the evening, RG spun vinyl 45 at KVSF for the late audience as he worked part time while still in high school. After graduating from Santa Fe high school, RG felt a duty to server his county so he joined the US Army.  The US Army turned out to be a great experience for him because it allowed him to travel, see and experience different parts of the world.  After he completed his service in the US Army, he moved back to Santa Fe and worked various jobs. Then in 1964 an opportunity came up to work in radio again, although it wasn’t for a mainstream radio station in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, but rather a tiny little radio station 30 miles north of Santa Fe.


The radio station’s call letters were KDCE and it was in the heart of the Espanola Valley.  KDCE radio broadcasted a Spanish and English format for the predominantly Hispanic population of Northern New Mexico.  Spanish-speaking RG would wake up Northern New Mexico at 6:00am with his uplifting and professional candour.  As the Station grew, RG’s professional stature grew as well as he took over the reins as General Manager.  RG saw the ownership of KDCE Radio change hands three times until he was offered the opportunity to purchase KDCE Radio 1987. The purchase was completed in 1989, and RG was the proud new owner of KDCE Radio.  


RG grew the station from the Spanish and English music format to a community minded radio station.  Not only did KDCE broadcast everyone’s favorite music, but they broadcasted content that was popular, important and relevant to the community of Northern New Mexico.   He increased the power of KDCE to have better coverage in the community, addition he launched another radio station KYBR 92.9FM to assist in serving the growing community of Northern New Mexico. In 1991, he assisted in the creation of the New Mexico Hispanic Music Association which promotes the music and talent of New Mexico. In 2001 KDCE was awarded the “Station of the Year” by the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. 


Today KDCE and KYBR radio continues to provide the community of Northern New Mexico with everyone’s favorite music, local high school and college sports and community programing.  As for RG, he continues to follow his passion with enthusiasm as he brings enjoyment and excitement to the community through his “RG Country Show” and through play by play sports announcing where he brings the listening fan to the game through radio and makes listening to game just as exciting as watching it. 


Adriana became a part of the radio business as a senior at Espanola Valley High School. She started off calling the play-by-play action for the Espanola Valley High School Girls Varsity Basketball team. Eventually, she made her way to KDCE Broadcast studio, to follow in her mother's footsteps with her own radio program show.


She enjoys working at KDCE as a DJ and as a sports announcer.  Adriana grew up listening to Spanish music (New Mexican and Tejano) and loves broadcasting on the radio. Adriana also participated in sports throughout high school. She played basketball as a freshman and sophomore and came back during her senior year to be the EVHS girls basketball manager. Cheerleading was another sports she participated in throughout all four years of high school. In addition to basketball and cheerleading, Adriana also played softball at EVHS all four years of high school.


Adriana graduated from Espanola Valley High School as the Class of 2014 Valedictorian. In addition to being the Valedictorian, she was very active throughout high school holding many leadership positions. Some of those positions included Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (M.E.S.A) President, National Honor Society (N.H.S) Vice President,  N.H.S. School Service Chairwoman,  Joining Understanding Now Teen Overcome Separation (JUNTOS) President, and Class of 2014 Vice President.

Adriana also participated in the Espanola Police Junior Cadet Program. Her first year as an Espanola Police Junior Cadet she was Sergeant. During her last year as an Espanola Police  Junior Cadet she was promoted to Lieutenant.  


When Adriana was younger, she would recite the Pledge of Allegiance on the radio in three different Languages (English, Spanish, and Tewa).


Adriana is currently attending New Mexico Highlands University to major in criminal justice.  Adriana loves working as a DJ and a sports announcer. It is a unique occupation that she enjoys and looks forward to doing every weekend and every time there is a game.


HAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa! HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAND, THE SUNDEVILS HAVE WON IT!!!!! 



It was the holler heard ‘round the world!  The world of basketball in Northern New Mexico, that is!  The Espanola Valley Sundevils, in the early years of the basketball dynasty that has been enjoyed by players, coaches and fans for nearly a decade now, had just won the District 2AAAA title game in an incredible run where they started out seeded last in the District Tournament and played all games on the road. It was pandemonium, baby!


    Who let out that yell that was recorded and played on KDCE over and over for a couple of weeks? Rudy “Big Rud” Sisneros. He was just expressing what the Espanola Valley partisan crowd was feeling. Winning the big one! FINALLY! And, coming from last to first! Even BETTER!


    Rudy has been a fixture at KDCE SPORTS for about a dozen years. Rudy has assisted with Northern NM College and Northern New Mexico high school games. He usually tag teams with “RG” Richard L. Garcia, KDCE owner, who does the “Play-by-Play and “Big Rud” does the “Color Commentary” – which is an analysis of the game. He does the statistics while waiting for his cue from RG to comment on what just transpired in the game. It’s fast-paced, exciting and fun to listen to when not at the game.


     Big Rud has done color commentary for hundreds of games through the years with play-by-play announcers -- RG, Casey Gallegos, and Tomas No Mas, and honing his skills in the process. The play-by-play announcer or the color commentator also draws from what they have learned by playing the game at some point in their life. Big Rud played varsity football and did field events like the shot put and discus for the Escalante Lobos in Northern Rio Arriba County. The Lobos have won two football State Championships in recent memory with the last one just this year, 2014.



     As KDCE Sports moves into the modern age of Twitter, Facebook, etc., the “Dynamic Duo” of KDCE Sports, RG and Big Rud  and the rest of the team, will make adjustments as they transition into some on-camera sports reporting in addition to regular radio broadcasting which is now instant and worldwide!




Rudy "BIG RUD" Sisneros

       Glenda Martinez began her broadcasting career in 1983 while still in high school.  Her first assignment was running the “control board” at KDCE Radio for the play-by-play sports announcers during high school games.  Shortly thereafter, she received her second assignment and that was to fill in on the air but was limited to only playing music. Subsequently, after proving herself capable and reliable, she was then given her own after-school radio show.


       As KDCE's diverse programming grew, management felt Glenda was ready to host shows. She was dedicated, enthusiastic, learned fast and eventually held various titles and responsibilities such as news director, PSA director, music director and sales representative.


      After nine years, she left the broadcasting industry to venture into a career with New Mexico State Government as a public servant; however, her love of New Mexico Music and working in the industry never abated.  Glenda’s passion for New Mexcio Music only grew stronger as it expanded and surged in popularity in New Mexico.  Glenda returned part-time to the New Mexico broadcasting industry as a broadcast executive where she worked at Spanish-language radio stations throughout Northern New Mexico.  Fittingly, she eventually returned to KDCE Radio, where it all began!


     Currently, Glenda hosts "Swap Shop," an extremely popular show on KDCE Radio every Saturday morning. KDCE’s Swap Shop is Northern New Mexico’s largest radio broadcast market place. It’s a successful and friendly place for the community to come together and trade, donate, buy and sell almost anything.  Immediately after Swap Shop and on Sundays, Glenda hosts the popular “Glenda Cruz Show” featuring the very best in New Mexico Music.  She also hosts the “Sabado de Gloria” program that is dedicated to the local community in memory of loved ones who have passed on.  This program is aired on the Saturday before Easter Sunday.  As she takes calls from community members, she puts significant effort into selecting the appropriate music to honor the memory of that special loved one who has passed on. Every year KDCE receives an overwhelming positive response from listeners who enjoy the show.


     Glenda is one of the founding members of the New Mexico Hispano Music Association (NMHMA) and has served as its secretary and treasurer. Additionally, she has co-hosted the NMHMA Annual Awards Show on several occasions and, most recently, in 2015. Glenda received the NMHMA Mark Ipiotis Award for 2013 and again for 2014. This award is given annually for the outstanding promotion of New Mexico Music. Moreover, in 2014, she served as the Grand Marshall for Dixon, New Mexico’s Santa Rosa Fiestas and hosted the Espanola Fiesta's 2014 Royalty Competition Ceremony, Announcement Ball and the “Gran Baile.” Furthermore, she hosted several local community fiesta events, and participated in several fiesta parades through the years.


     Not surprisingly, Glenda has established herself as one of New Mexico’s top female radio personalities because she speaks from the heart and connects with a large and loyal audience.  It is quite evident that she loves the radio business! 


      During Glenda’s personal time, she is a full time mom, volunteers at a local Roman Catholic Parish and serves as Lector for the Spanish Mass. In conjunction with that responsibility, she is the religious education instructor for the 2nd grade class. She has also mentored her daughter, Adriana, proudly showing her the ins and outs of the radio business. Like her mom when she started out in 1983, Adriana fills in regularly at KDCE Radio and runs the control board during basketball games as well! She already has pretty good following, sporting a confident and friendly radio voice, and bilingual to boot – a chip off the old block, you might say!


      Glenda is looking forward to retirement from the State of New Mexico because she wants to dedicate more time to her family, church and radio broadcasting. Tune in to Glenda's show and listen for yourself why she is one of New Mexico’s top female radio personalities!  Catch her on Saturday's from 10:30 am - 3  pm and Sunday's from 12 noon – 3 pm on KDCE.




Glenda Martinez